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Selaco Press Kit

Selaco is a standalone game that runs on GZDoom developed by Altered Orbit Studios. It draws inspiration heavily from F.E.A.R in terms of action set pieces, while mixing traditional retro-FPS elements from QUAKE and DOOM, along with some more modern features. Together with professional artists who work in the industry, several having worked on successful FPS games in the past, Selaco is a fully fleshed out world full of character, action, and mystery.

The story takes place during a violent invasion of Selaco, the underground facility that’s home to the surviving refugees after the fall of Earth. You play as Dawn, an ACE Security Captain who, with her recent promotion and high level security clearances, is digging deep into the truth behind Selaco’s murky history. Before she can finish her investigation, Selaco is rocked by explosions and armed invaders. While Selaco may take place in a large-scale conflict, much of it will be the personal story of Dawn, the center-piece of the game.

Selaco will be a commercial product that will be exclusively available on Steam for the time being. We hope GOG will get back to us, someday, so we can get the game on there too.

We've assembled a collection of promotional items for those that would like to cover our game. These assets can be downloaded from the following Google Drive folder:

Download from drive
Protagonist Dawn


  • A lengthy epic 3-chapter journeyUnravel the mysteries of Selaco while you battle your way through a campaign taking you across a wide variety of distinct locations, all told through one completely unbroken journey.
  • Intense action-set piecesTurn the entire world into confetti with the destructive power of your weapons. Every single bullet will react properly with any materials or objects you hit. Leaving the combat arena with nothing but a pile of rubble with broken paintings, smashed tables, screen, chairs, smoke, and chunks of debris.
  • Upgradable and customizable weaponsAs enemies become stronger, so do you. Selaco features over 10 fully upgradable weapons along with swappable alt-fires and more.
  • ReplayabilityDefeat an endless onslaught of enemies in Incursion Mode, play Randomizer Mode that randomizes enemy attacks, projectiles and spawns, or use Mutators to change the rules of the campaign.
  • Custom maps and modsPlayers can fully mod the game and add additional content for free. Including new levels, gameplay systems or weapons firing banana peels.


Selaco originally began as a free Total Conversion mod for Doom called “Ominous” and was done by a single developer. This was meant to turn Doom into something that resembled F.E.A.R. a little more. Think ‘Brutal Doom’ except for special effects where, instead of blood, you end up with destruction, particle effects and debris instead. While a great idea on paper, the execution was really hard to do using the base campaign of Doom so the decision was made to, instead, turn it into a custom campaign. The scope of the project evolved a lot, so much so that I was considering spending a large amount of my savings into hiring a team of artists, composers and a writer. The quality went up greatly, but we felt we were holding ourselves back because it was still based on the original foundation of Ominous, which got outdated now that there was more talent on board. It is here where we decided to restart the project, and instead turn it into a commercial project with a higher budget. Ominous got scrapped completely, our writer wrote an entirely new story, and shortly after, Selaco was born! We developed it for roughly 2 years before announcing it on Twitter. The tweet gained a fair amount of traction and it did not take long until crowdfunding on Patreon took place which allowed us to expand further. Selaco is now being made by 8 developers, mostly artists, and the motivation and passion that is put into this project has never been higher.


  • Q. How is Selaco pronounced?A. It is pronounced ‘Se-lah-co’. When in doubt, the name is dropped in the first couple of seconds of our Realms Deep 2021 YouTube video, or numerous times in the coverage from JarekTheGamingDragon and GmanLives.
  • Q. Is a Console release planned?A. A console release is currently not planned. The GPL-license makes it really hard to make it available on a closed system and the most probable solution would be to port the game to Unity. If the game ends up successful, we are willing to team up with a porting company to get this done.
  • Q. Why was it made on the Doom Engine (GZDoom) and not on a more modern engine?A. This happened organically. As mentioned earlier, we began working on this as a Total Conversion Doom mod because modding for Doom is fun and the modding community has been thriving for decades. We also think the engine is great to work with, despite being a massive pain at times!

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